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Fast Moving Company was founded in Bergen County in 1979. We have been serving the residents and businesses of New Jersey since 1993 from Hackettstown. We are a family-owned and operated business, committed since our founding to provide the only type of relocation products that matter – the ones that focus on SERVICE. Although we service all of New Jersey, our primary local markets include Morris County, Warren County, Hunterdon County and Somerset County.

We truly believe that moving is about service and families. Moving can be a stressful process, but we work to demonstrate that your relocation provider is in the position to take much of the difficulty out of the process. Fast Moving and Storage is part of a suite of companies; all operated on these same properties–JMJ Relocations, Fast Pack Storage, and Fast Moving Company are committed to showing our clients that their North Jersey movers area a trusted partner.

Our service philosophy extends to every facet of our organization, from our dealings with our customers to our employees and our suppliers. Our employees are all full time. They are Professional movers.

Fast Moving is Not Your Standard Moving Company

Many customers have a misconception of standard moving companies and their employees. Our employees work every day to change and improve our clients’ view of what their mover should provide. All employees of Fast Moving Co. are prescreened prior to hiring, ensuring that when we send someone into your home, they SHOULD be there. In addition to safety screening, all employees are provided with an extensive physical training program that covers the move, packing, and customer service process.

We Understand that in Today’s World, One Size Does Not Fit All

We have made the decision to offer more than just basic moving services—we are in the business of relocation and storage. For some clients that means traditional moving; it can also mean a combination of full and self-service, or in some cases simply providing the customer with the capacity to make the move for themselves.

But no matter what the need of the customer, Fast Moving Company delivers its products with one main goal in mind, When the customer has completed their relocation with our organization they feel that they have received Service, Reliability and Integrity.

Fast Moving Company

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