Helping Kids Feel Involved with the Family Move

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Professional Mover Hackettstown, NJAs you plan your New Jersey move, your kids can play an important role during the moving process. Depending on their ages and how you’re planning to move, we’ve seen kids get involved in all kinds of ways. In this article, Fast Moving Company looks at helping kids feel involved with the family move.

With Packing

Kids can contribute during the packing process. We’ve seen families have kids pack up their rooms, help wrap things in newspaper or bubble wrap, and sort items that need to go in certain boxes. You know your kids best and what their attention spans can handle. Better yet, ask them! Ask your kids how they want to contribute.

With Labeling

This is a task that’s great for nearly any age. While using colored labels or pre-printed tags to stick on boxes works best for younger kids, older children can help label boxes with the contents and the rooms they need to be moved to. Consider looking at moving supplies that have color coded and labeled tapes so your kids can contribute by clearly marking your boxes for moving day.

On Moving Day

Again, keeping in mind the age of your children, we’ve seen parents entrust their kids with one bag or box, which they will want to know exactly where it is once they move so that they can quickly unpack a few necessities. Older kids can help stack boxes so that they are ready to load on dollies, load up smaller unpacked items, or be in charge of extra packing supplies and labeling materials for anything that got missed ahead of time.

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