How Can I Move a Piano? Dealing with Special Items in a Residential Move

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special items residential moveThat piano that sits so elegantly in the family room or that big art sculpture in the hallway may look nice in your home, but it can be problematic when it comes time for a residential move.

When moving these special items, you need to make sure extra precautions have been taken to prevent the items from becoming damaged or broken. We have gathered some helpful tips that any homeowner will find useful should they need to move large or special items during a residential move.

Start by Disassembling the Special Items

Some special items, such as sculptures, large items and furniture, can quickly and easily be disassembled. Take the time to properly disassemble these larger items before the move, as you will be able to make sure you are safely and effectively dismantling the items prior to transport.

Take Measurements of the Rooms and Doors

Knowing the measurements of your rooms, doors and hallways is extremely important. The last thing you want to do is beginmoving that giant dresser or piano only to discover it isn’t going to fit through the door. Take time to properly measure every doorway, hallway and narrow space you may encounter when moving items from your home to the moving truck.

Even if you are hiring professional residential movers, this step should still be done. It will help save the movers time, as you won’t have to try to figure out the measurements of narrow areas within your home while they’re bringing in your belongings.

Hire One of the Many Professional Moving Companies

Moving on your own helps you save money, but if you have larger items you may want to consider hiring one of the many professional moving companies. Professional home and apartment movers have extensive experience transporting hard-to-move objects. They know how to properly pack them up, move them through narrow spaces, and how to place them properly in the moving truck. Their experience and knowledge will help you get your special objects to your new home without being damaged.

If you have a residential move coming up and you have special items that need to be moved, contact Fast Moving Company. Our residential movers have the experience you want and need when looking to move large, hard-to-move items. Contact us today to learn more about our residential movers or commercial movers.

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