How Do I Move My Grand Piano?

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Packing & Crating Service Hackettstown, NJWe’ve heard numerous horror stories by clients who have used a moving company to move their grand piano to a new house in the past. At Fast Moving Company, we pride ourselves on being different than those other companies. In this article, we’ll look at how a grand piano is prepared to move, so you can be familiar with the process before your next New Jersey move.

What Do I Do?

When you hire a professional moving service like Fast Moving Company to help move your grand piano, there are a couple things you’ll want to take care of ahead of time. Make sure the area is open and there is plenty of room for the movers to access and manipulate the instrument. If there is loose music or other items in or around the piano, make sure those are packed away so they are not lost or damaged as movers prepare the piano for moving.

What Does the Moving Company Do?

While each move and instrument is unique and the process can vary, here’s a general idea of how the instrument is prepared to be moved. Pianos can weigh between 500 to 1200 hundred pounds so it’s often necessary for multiple movers to be enlisted for this one item.

Oftentimes, the lid and pedals of the piano can be removed and wrapped separately. Additionally movers may want to remove the music rack and hinges before moving the piano itself. this keeps the rack and hinges from being damaged in the process. The instrument will be placed on a piano board so that the legs can be removed and wrapped. Then movers typically wrap the entire piano body in clean pads while it’s tilted onto the piano board. Stretch wrap and other securing methods may also be used to ensure your grand piano is protected before being moved.

Use a Trusted Local Company

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