How to Protect Furniture Going Into Storage

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Storage Service Hackettstown, NJStoring away furniture in a storage unit when moving in New Jersey is one of the most stressful moving tasks. It can be tedious work, but can be very detrimental to your belongings if you don’t take good care to ensure they are well taken care of.

You want to make sure that your belongings are safe and secure when you return back to them. Help yourself by understanding several important points while storing your belongings in a storage space when relocating.

Check the Basics

First, be sure to make the necessary repairs that need to be made. Make sure to check that your storage space is clean, including being dust and leak free. Leaks can be dangerous because water from the outside entering into your storage space can cause your belongings to be damaged as a result of erosion. Similarly, mold can be an issue as well, also causing your stored items to erode.

Use Plastic Freely

Lining the floor of the storage room with thick plastic sheets helps protect both your furniture and the floor, and makes it a lot easier to slide heavy furniture from one point to the other.

Break It Down To Save Space

A lot of the furniture in your home didn’t get there in one piece. Most furniture can be disassembled and put back together. If this is the case, be sure to take the time to take apart your furniture. Put any screws, nuts, bolts, locks and keys in a Ziploc bag and tape it to the furniture. This will make it a lot more convenient when you want to put the object back together. It’s a good idea to stack things neatly, helping to save space.

Take Extra Care

We all have objects in our homes that need to be taken extra care of. Make sure to wrap your most important and prized possessions in padding and soft quilts to protect them from damage. The sharp edges of other objects can break or scratch fragile items easily; therefore it would also be a good idea to protect other items from sharp edges by placing padding around the corners of objects that stick out.

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