Long Distance Moving: Common Challenges and Solutions

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Common Challenges and SolutionsLet’s face it; moving can be a huge pain. And, long-distance moving has challenges all its own! Here are some of the most common moving challenges – and solutions that work.

Pack your belongings properly

During a long-distance move, it’s particularly important that your household items are packed away inside properly-sized, well-cushioned boxes. Everything should be sealed as tightly as possible, and it’s always an excellent idea to invest in high-quality packing materials. Why? Because your belongings are about to make a long journey, and one of the biggest challenges is ensuring that everything stays safe. Proper packing can help do just that!

Never pack perishables or liquids

Perishables, liquids, and food of any kind shouldn’t make the cross-country journey with your other belongings. Food will only attract insects and other vermin; it also has the potential to combust, leaving you with a mess on your hands. The same goes for liquids – no matter how tightly packed away your soaps and other liquids may be, you still run the risk of having all your stuff get wet. It’s always better to avoid this risk, if possible.

Three words: organize, organize, organize

When it comes to long-distance moving, you’ll want to ensure that you stay as organized as possible before, during, and after the process. This means properly labelling your boxes, packing up a box of things that you’ll want to use as soon as you arrive (pots, pans, etc.), and keeping like boxes together during the move.

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