Making the Best of Your Military Move

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Professional Movers Randolph, NJIf your family is planning a military move in or around New Jersey, Fast Moving Company is here to help. In this article, we’ll look at how to make the best of your military move.

What is a PCS Move?

PCS refers to “permanent change of station,” , and it applies when your service member’s new duty station is more than 50 miles away from his/her old duty station. Because you have no choice to accept the orders, the government is required to pay for the move.

How the Move Works

There are three ways to execute a PCS move. The first is a government contract move, where your local TMO (Traffic Management Office) will verify your orders and contract a commercial moving company to pack, ship, and unpack your stuff.

The second option is a Personally Procured Move, or PPM, allowing you to pack, ship, and unpack your own stuff-all for which the government pays you 95% percent of what it would cost them to contract a commercial mover.

The third option is a combination move, where a part of your goods are moved by the government, and you move the remainder.

Keep Essentials Out and Move Them Yourself

Over the years,  we’ve learned that one thing that can save on moving stress, is to have a good idea of where the essentials are when you get to your new place. This is a no-brainer for things like medications, pet supplies, baby items, clothing, and the like. A few other things that we’ve seen clients set aside for immediate use are: office supplies, Ziploc bags, cleaning supplies, yard equipment, trashbags, kitchen items, cooler, Sharpie, boxcutters, and whatever else you need to get from Point A to Point B. Knowing where these things are can be  huge help with your New Jersey move.

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