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Fast Moving provides a wide array of services for businesses such as office and industrial moves, corporate relocation services, logistics, and record management.

Relocating an office, warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing facility, or other business is a difficult task, and that’s why our movers in Morristown, NJ and surrounding areas are dedicated to proving quality services for every move. Our North Jersey movers have conducted hundreds of business relocations and have experience managing the move to be successful for you and your business.

    1. Local business move: The same quality process that we provide for individual moves, we apply to transferee, office, and commercial moves.
    2. Storage in Hackettstown, NJ: Product distribution, Logistics management, or private transferee needs.
    3. Packing business: Dropship, consolidation, and shipping-prep are just some of our capabilities that you can leverage to make your employees more productive.
    4. Warehousing: Long-term inventory management, Final Mile transportation, and special products handling.

Every Fast Moving Company employee feels a personal commitment to helping clients in any way they can. Our veteran team of moving professionals is focused on client and transferee satisfaction.

Through our experience moving tens of thousands of employees annually, we know how to anticipate client’s needs. However, we realize that each client faces unique relocation challenges. So we begin every relationship simply by listening.

Dedicated account management ensures excellence in service. To help claims, manage relocation, and ensure quality, our dedicated account management team provides:

  1. Single point of contact to track services most important to you
  2. Regularly scheduled performance evaluation meetings
  3. Transferee satisfaction survey following each move

The result is performance you can measure, enhanced transferee satisfaction, and ultimately, more successful re-locations.

Commercial Moving Process

Are you preparing to change office locations? If so, there ARE ways to make the process much smoother and free of stress. Here are some helpful tips for commercial moving:

  1. Hire a professional moving company well ahead of time.
  2. Start packing as early as possible.
  3. Donate any office equipment that you don’t need anymore.
  4. Clearly label all boxes.
  5. Ensure that everything is packed appropriately, especially when it comes to expensive equipment, such as computers.
  6. Update all your contact information before moving.

Do you have further questions about the commercial moving process? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Fast Moving Company today! We’re always happy to help.

Unequalled Capacity and Expertise of Put Your People First

With owned operations in 40 countries, and certified partners in 135 more, Fast Moving Company can help relocate your employees virtually anywhere, anytime.

Our extensive capacity and manpower means your employee moves are our first priority, with punctual pick-up and delivery, even during high-volume periods. And by using Six Sigma methodology, we can maximize capacity more efficiently, ensuring we can meet our client’s growing needs.

Our Account Advisory Council Helps Clients Drive Improvement and Innovation

Composed of many Fortune 500 clients, our Account Advisory Council meets biannually to explore new ideas and service improvements. The Council’s feedback helps us deliver more consistent, reliable quality. This process has helped us enhance key services including reporting capabilities, invoice and billing processes, and claims performance.

We have developed a variety of innovative processes, services and technologies to ensure transferee satisfaction, including:

  1. Satellite shipment tracking with 24-hour online access at
  2. Paperless electronic invoicing system
  3. Online performance and claims reporting

Moving is at the heart of every relocation. If the moving services you offer don’t live up to your transferee’s expectations, it can make managing your relocations far more challenging.

But you can count on Fast Moving Company to listen to your needs and then take the best possible care of you, your employees, and their belongings.

Ultimately, everything we do is designed to simplify relocation administration for you, and make moving easier for your employees.

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