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Every move has its own set of challenges and unique circumstances, and long distance moves are no exception. The standard move process has an extra layer of complexity and requires more planning and flexibility when you add distance and time lag into the equation. Fortunately, our long distance movers in NJ have built a reputation for designing solutions and anticipating issues that can make or break the long distance move.

When looking for long distance moving companies in NJ, look to Fast Moving to get the job done right. We make sure that you understand and are comfortable with each step of the relocation– from the estimate process to the final delivery; we strive to simplify the sometimes confusing long distance process. Our North Jersey movers provide the same level of sophistication you would expect from all of the most extensive moving companies, but with the personal attention to detail that is the hallmark of a great moving experience.

Because of how important and challenging a long distance move is, additional services such as custom crating, packing, and a detailed inventory of the goods to be loaded are necessary, and are the characteristics of our full service nationwide move.

Here is what we do on each and every cross country move:

Disassembly & Assembly: From entertainment centers to beds to swing set, just tell us what needs to be disassembled and moved with you. We’ll even put it back together for you at your destination.

Residence Protection Pads: Protect the railings, tight corners, and doors.

Hard Surface Protectors: Rugged protection for all types of flooring.

Carpet Covers: Keep high traffic areas clean.

Systematic Loading: Boxes are labeled and inventoried based on rooms and your needs upon arrival.

Systematic Unloading: Custom placement of furniture and cartons in the new location is crucial to making that new house feel like home. And when requested we will even unpack all of those boxes and remove the debris to really make settling in FAST and easy.

Automobile transportation can also be added to your long distance move, which makes the process of getting everything to the new location at the same time easier for you.

And because long distance moves are different, we will walk you through all of the options for subjects like pricing, insurance, and payment.

Affordable Long Distance Movers

Our long-distance moving solutions were designed to offer you the most affordable options possible. No doubt you are moving on a budget, which means it is important to remain cost-effective throughout the whole process. To calculate the total cost of a long distance move, our expert team take into consideration a few factors, including the size of your home, the distance, how many movers are required, and the number of trucks needed. Before any work begins, we will offer you a free estimate of the costs to ensure you understand the fees associated.

Whether you require information about long distance moving charges, tips on how to prepare for a move, or specialists to counsel you through each step, our team is at your beck and call. We go the extra mile, pricing our services affordably for families and businesses because we genuinely care about our customers.

Long Distance Furniture Movers

At Fast Moving Company, our long-distance furniture moving services will go the distance for you. Whether you’re moving one state over or from coast to coast, we can offer affordable furniture moving solutions that will fit both your needs and your budget. Long distance moving requires careful planning. Our experienced team will work directly with you to ensure that we can complete the task correctly and on time. Moving your furniture any distance can seem overwhelming; we’ll relieve the stress and let you focus on the excitement of your next big adventure.

Our experienced moving experts will provide a complete breakdown of our services, including packing, assembly, disassembly, and unpacking. We’re the total moving company — that means you won’t need to worry about heavy furniture or constant headaches. We’ll handle the tough work of moving day, so you won’t have to!

Professional Long-Distance Movers

No matter the distance, whether domestic or international, you can call Fast Moving Company for a full quote for long-distance moving. We cover more ground than any other moving company in the region, ensuring our customers, homeowners just like you, get where they’re going efficiently. The trip may be long, but it doesn’t have to be exhausting.

We know full well that moving is stressful. You need to pack all your items, organize the entire trip, and drive the distance. There’s a lot to accomplish in any move, and a long distance can increase pressure. We make the process more straightforward than ever before. By moving quickly, yet safely, and planning the entire trip, Fast Moving Company ensures you arrive on-time and with a clear head. When you need to save time and money, you know exactly who to call!

Long Distance Moving Tips

Over the years we’ve seen a handful of the same challenges arise when our clients are planning a long-distance move.

They move everything. When you’re moving, especially moving long-distance, this is a great opportunity to go through your belongings and make sure you’re only taking the things you really want in your new home.

They don’t consider storage. It’s common for families moving long-distances to need to utilize some form of storage during the process. Temporary storage can be a great option if you don’t have time to get everything settled right away or if you’re trying to downsize and need time to get rid of a few things.

They pack like they’re moving locally. You’ll want to make sure you pack your belongings in sturdy packing materials for a long-distance move. If you have specialty items or antiques that make require crating, give us a call.

What are some common challenges with long-distance moving?

As we mentioned above, it’s common for people moving long-distances to face similar issues. These include trying to move too many things or too many things all at once. That’s why temporary or permanent storage can be helpful during a long-distance move. Also it’s important to make sure your belongings are packed appropriately and it packing materials that will travel well over long distances.

When is the best time of year for a long-distance move?

If you have the opportunity to select an ideal move date, you should feel fortunate. Not everyone has this chance! To save time and money, plan your long-distance move for the off-season: fall or winter. During these seasons, your movers will have an easier time packing, loading, and unloading. The cool air allows people to work efficiently; it doesn’t sap energy like the summer heat does. In addition, the holiday season keeps everyone busy. This means that there will be less competition for excellent moving companies. If you can’t schedule your move for fall or winter, consider moving any month besides June or July. These are the two busiest months of the year for professional moving companies, and the rush will drive up their prices. Finally, most people move on either the first or the last day of any month. Consider moving in the middle of the month for increased savings.

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