Top Tips for Estimating the Cost of Your Move

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Professional Movers Long Valley, NJOne of the first things you’ll do when moving in New Jersey is estimate the cost of your move. If you have a good idea about the distance to move, the amount of items you have, moving supplies required, and transportation costs, you can easily estimate the cost of your move.

Distance to Move

How far is your new address in New Jersey from your current address? Knowing the distance is important if you are moving to another part of the city because local movers usually charge by the hour. The further away it is, the longer it takes to cover the distance and consequently the higher the cost. You can easily find the distance by doing a Google map search. It will give you the distance, but also the time it takes you to drive from one place to another.

Items You Have

The amount of things you are moving is an important factor when estimating the cost of your move. It is especially important if you are moving to another city, state, or country because long distance moving services will typically use a formula that takes into account the pounds of weight as well as the cubic feet they will occupy. Thus, the more you have, the higher the cost of moving. To minimize the cost, you can cram as many things in as little space as you can. Contact Fast Moving Company to learn about our moving options.

Moving Supplies

Moving supplies like packing boxes, tapes, labels, and markers can make a significant impact on your moving costs. Create a list of all the things you will need along with their tentative costs. Even if you get many of the supplies free of cost, such as boxes and wrapping paper, remember they can still add to your moving cost because they increase the weight and volume of your things.

Transportation Costs

Whether you are moving a short distance or long distance, transportation costs make up the major portion of your moving cost. Many short distance movers charge a minimum rate for each hour, which means that even if it takes only three-quarters of an hour to move, they will still charge you for the whole hour. Long distance movers who usually charge by the pound also have different rates for different distances. You can find the transportation costs by collecting quotes from moving companies.

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