Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your House Furnished

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Professional Movers Chester, NJ.jpgIf you’re considering selling your house furnished, we have one piece of advice for you: don’t!

It may be tempting to not have to pack up your furniture, to instead buy new furniture once you’re settled in your new home – but, this will very likely turn out to be a costly mistake.

Why? We’re glad you asked!

Check out the main reasons why selling your furnished home is a bad idea:

  • You’ll likely pay capital gains. Which, in short, means that you’ll end up paying taxes on your new home because you’re selling your home furnished.
  • You’ll impede on future buyers’ visions for their home. For most homeowners, designing and outfitting a new home with furniture is part of the thrill of buying a new house – not many people are interested in already-furnished homes.
  • You’ll be lining your realtor’s pockets…with money that should be yours. Think about it! Your realtor is paid a commission when he or she sells your home – a commission that’s based on your house’s price tag. Which means that your realtor is essentially getting paid for YOUR furniture!

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